Gooifier: Warp And Distort Photos Online

Gooifier is a nice web service that allows you to distort and warp the faces of your photos online, creating the curious and amusing caricatures. Once connected to the site you will need to upload a photo from your computer or webcam, then you’ll have to modify it using the controls provided by the site as ” Size ” for the size of the diameter of the lens, ” Pressure ” to pressure from apply, ” erase ” to clear, ” move ” move, ” save ” to save, ” bloat ” swell, ” Pucker ” corrugate, ” Revert ” cancel. Once your caricature will be able to save it on your computer, clicking on it with the right mouse button ” Save image as … ”, or save it in the public gallery. The site is offered free of charge and requires no registration, but by registering you will be able to keep track of the work. An excellent solution if you want to create some funny cartoons online. Very similar to Stretch Your Face .