Clone House Clone Your Photos With This app for Android

Clone Camera is a photo application for your Android device 2.3 or later. With this app we can get the clone in still images, which is obtained by performing a series of shots to capture screenshot and pasting the distinct images as if it were a single picture.

We can run up to four clicks to the point, ed’รจ can choose the model or background to compose the assembly: the screen is divided into two, three, four, etc .. We have to change position or situation in each of the shots to simulate ‘effect of cloning.

Finally, when we finished and got the picture, it will be saved in our memory card. The program contains the self-timer (2/5/10 seconds) and the function of the camera filter effects (water, negative, posterize, sepia, etc, but some phones may not support all camera filters). The default image resolution is low, but you can set the resolution from the Clone camera setup menu!