Fanpage Karma Comprehensive Analysis And Study of your Facebook page

The Facebook pages are one of the most used by several professional resources, blogs, websites, companies and enterprises to enhance their influence in the complex world of social media.

Therefore it becomes very important to know the exact scope of our publications, the issue that gets the most interest among our followers, the moments of greatest public and other details that may be of interest to achieve the goal of a wider audience.

Fanpage Karma is an online platform that can provide us with all this data, it is a practical tool for Community Managers or anyone interested in getting a study of their Fan Page.

Its use is free, although in this case is limited to a single page and analyzes only our publications of the last 90 days . However, there are far more comprehensive plans and without these limitations, which you can access if you enroll in one of the monthly payment.

We must remember that the generation of these details requires a bit ‘of time, depending on the activity and the fans of the page number, for which you must have a little’ patience