Startpage A Google-Based Search Engine That Guarantees Your Privacy

Startpage is perfect search engine for Internet users concerned about their privacy or for anyone who wants the utmost discretion on what they seek in the network and the sites they visit. An alternative solution to the one we use regularly, which is to open a new window to browse incognito by our browser.

You are using the Google search engine that assures us that we can find answers to any consultation carried out. The difference is that our research will not leave a trace, and it will be stored in records, for extra security is also available the AutoComplete function.

Once we get the results we can display them, but to continue to ensure our privacy and anonymity gives us the opportunity to do so through Ixquick Proxy.

Startpage is a search engine that lately are gaining importance in the network, clear signal that, increasingly, we consider it important to remain anonymous on our internet business.