WebversusWeb Compares Two Web Pages To Find Out What Is Best Optimized

Definitely will know the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the set of techniques used to achieve high rankings of a website in order to be indexed by the major search engines; so it is not only important to apply it, but it’s good to find out if you are getting the desired results and learn how to improve.

WebversusWeb is a great service that allows us to compare the SEO of two different pages, that can be your or competition. Just indicate the URL of the sites to compare and wait for the completion of the analysis process, the ratio will then be generated in two separate columns for each of the analyzed sites.

Some of the data that are provided are based on Alexa traffic: the number of incoming links, the download speed, the domain authority, SEO optimization, site usability or technology that uses and other interesting data present in this detailed report